EP24: How Atlassian Tracks Community Metrics

We had a chat with Celina Zamora, who is the Senior Community Manager at Atlassian. Atlassian is known for its products like Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence. Today, Atlassian is serving over 135,000 customers across the globe.

Celina’s job is all about building communities.

She manages and supports Atlassian in-person communities within the Americas by working with community leaders, offering support. Her work involves engaging the online community by creating avenues for customers to easily connect with others like them.

  With Celina, we are going to learn how Atlassian built a community online and in-person where developers, content managers, project managers and others come together where they collaborate, connect and share valuable insights with each other.

It’s not easy to explain the value of having a community and Celina understands this all too well since she saw how everyone was apprehensive towards the idea of having them.

But today, Atlassian's product teams see great value in these communities where they get to enjoy actual face time with users, learn about their problems, offer them real time feedback and hear customer stories.

We will also be inquiring about the metrics they are using at Atlassian to gauge the effectiveness of these community events.

Also, Celina shared with us how they are scaling their communities by building everything with heart and balance. They do this by focusing on where their customer is in terms of the platform they are using and how they are using it.

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