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The challenge of building an in-person community is painful

Building/scaling a community requires a ton of manual work.
There's no way to easily onboard new members, groups, group leaders, without working harder, losing sleep, or hiring more people.

Difficult to maintain brand consistency and your community is scattered.
It’s hard to create the feeling of a single, branded community when your community members are visiting across multiple different sites, leading to an off-brand community.

It's hard to understand what's actually going on in your community.
Your community’s data is housed across multiple different systems/tools, and you often don’t own that data, leading to an incomplete snapshot of your community.

building community is painful

What you need to build, grow, and scale your in-person community

grown build and scale your community

Less wasted manual effort and eliminate rote, repetitive work you’re doing.
Easily onboard new members, chapters, chapter directors, without working harder, losing sleep, or hiring more people.

Have real, granular, data & actionable insight into what’s going on within your community.
Your community’s data needs to be housed in a single platform – one that easily integrates with your systems of record, ensuring you own that data, giving you a complete picture of your community.

An awesome, branded experience.
Members of your community need to experience a unified, branded feel, whether they’re meeting in New York or New Zealand, and the people who speak on behalf of your brand should be on message.

Bevy empowers the top companies in the world to build, grow and scale their in-person communities

Deep Permissions.
Rapidly scale (without scaling your headcount). Deep permissions enable you to easily create new events, launch new chapters, and delegate different responsibilities, allowing you to focus on what really matters – delivering on your key growth initiatives.

Genuinely understand your community (and the value it drives) Bevy’s links your cities, events and attendees together so you’re not on the sidelines sorting out spreadsheets – and you can quantify the value of your events/community to justify continued investment.

White Labeled Community Hub
Stay on brand (and create a cohesive user experience) Get your own Community Hub, a beautiful, branded site where all of your community events live.

empowering top companies

Bevy’s platform enables you to drive business impact through our platform and quantify that impact

enabling business impact

More efficient saling, No repetitive works. Generate more leads, Acquire new users, lower customer acquisition costs.
Metrics that Matter: Revenue, Leads, CAC.

Understand the data in order to make better decisions and take actions. Drive Engagement and Retention, Generate new product ideas, reduce customer support costs.
Metrics that Matter: Case Deflection, DAU, MAU

Deliver tangible impact, driving increased revenue that unlocks more investment. Higher satisfaction, increased advocacy and lower churn rates.
Metrics that Matter: NPS, LTV, MRR, ARR, CCR

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